About Us

Empowering rural communities


on their behalf

Instead of forcing specific technologies and business models to the community, we work on behalf of the community's needs.  Our team spends the time to get to know the community through direct observation, face to face conversations, and listening to their stories.  The information about their needs, available resources, and cultural aspects (including behaviors and day to day activities) are the information we need to design a plan to empower the communities for growth.

With an ever expanding portfolio of innovative technologies and business models, our team will find the right communities for implementation.  Inappropriately implemented technologies and business models will eventually fail, even if it seems to work great in the first 12-24 months.  Because we ensure that we understand the communities before planning, implementing and operating projects, the technologies and business models are fit for purpose.  

Empowering the communities through the innovative technologies is one of the ways to make sure that they continue to use the technology as part of the new habit.  Sustainable growth will drive the communities to want to continue using the technologies we implement.