About Us


in the beginning

PT Inovasi was born after seeing many rural community projects fail to meet the financial expectations beyond the third year of operations.   Having extensive experience in rural community projects, our founders recognize the reason behind this.  We developed an innovative business model to turn rural electrification project development on its head.  The company works fully on behalf of the community by identifying their needs, designing a sustainable plan to meet those needs (including electricity, water and telecommunication), managing the project implementation and operation of the plan, and finally by monitoring the project performance.

our own innovations

Microgrid invention - Our founder have invented a highly modular micro grid topology with pole mounted solar PV and inverter that's proven to work in a village of Indonesia's Papua province since 2015.  The topology has been used by another company for a US$9 million grant project in electrifying villages in Indonesia's Sumba island with almost 500kWp of solar PV.  This topology is the key technology enabling a multi-million dollar investment by a large international power company. 

Survey platform - Having surveyed many remote communities across the region, our team members designed a way to collect the information electronically and sending the information to the cloud once there is mobile signal available.  We are currently collaborating with Dendrite Consulting to provide survey services using this platform.