Andre Susanto is an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and consultant working to develop the clean energy sector.  He has invented a highly modular micro grid topology that's proven to work since 2015 and currently being used for a US$9 million grant project.  This topology is the key technology enabling a multi-million dollar investment by a large international power company.  Recently Andre designed an improved version of the topology with higher reliability and lower capital cost.  A small pilot project has been installed in a remote area of the Sumba Island in Indonesia.  

His experiences since the year 2000 include rural electrification projects, utility scale solar PV systems, policy advisory in clean energy, and business development of projects and for component manufacturers.  These experiences have all been in the renewable energy sector in Asia Pacific.  

Andre have seen many projects fail to meet the financial expectations beyond the third year of operations.  Recognizing the reason behind this, Andre developed an innovative business model to turn rural electrification project development on its head.  Thus PT Inovasi was born.  The company works fully on behalf of the community by identifying their needs, designing a sustainable plan to meet those needs (including electricity, water and telecommunication), managing the project implementation and operation of the plan, and finally by monitoring the project performance.