Sumba Island

Aim high - 100% Renewable

Sumba Island

We were able to work with Hivos SE Asia to find funding for the school complex in the village Panenggo Ede in this island.  The school complex houses the primary school, middle school and vocational high school with dormitories.  Until we were able to secure the funding (through Hivos' crowdfunding donor) specifically to electrify this school, they haven't had any electricity.  

We installed 3 x 2kWp system as a pilot project for a new topology for smart microgrids.  The systems are set up separately but will be connected through a communication line between the controllers at each system.  This will enable the systems to know the load, storage, and generation states of each systems and will share the energy as needed.

The operation and maintenance will be covered by a small monthly fee paid to a local team trained by Hivos and us.  We will continuously monitor this installation and will be responsible for the warranty exchange and high level troubleshooting.  This will ensure that there is a sustainability aspect to the project and it is clear who is responsible for day to day operations, periodic preventive maintenance, and if needed, repairs.