Buru Island

As old as time

Buru Island

The island was first mentioned in historical records as early as 1365, the era of the Majapahit Kingdom.  We visited 19 villages in the southwest corner of the island that are still without electricity.  Knowing that the journey will be arduous, our team members braved the air, land and seas to reach them.  Through direct observation, face to face discussions, and listening to the elders, we have a good understanding of the community, their needs and the cultural aspects required for sustainable growth.

We now know that these villages defy the recorded government data that they live below the poverty line.  They are able to provide for their children and grand children to send them to universities in Ambon and Makassar.  Our team are currently working on providing access to electricity and telecommunication, and productive use of energy through efficient processing and packaging of traditionally smoked seawater fish.  

What's next and how you can help:

1. Fish drying and smoking for commercial packaging

2. Electricity for the 19 villages currently without modern access to energy