Empowering Rural Development Through INNOVATION

THEIR STORIES : These are just some of the pictures our team members have taken while traveling throughout the region to rural communities.  We want to tell the stories from the communities so you can help us empower them for growth through the INNOVATIONS we are bringing.

Our team members have been involved in visits to rural communities in all 34 provinces in Indonesia.  We have information on almost 500 rural communities and have managed almost 60 expert-months of living with the rural communities not including the travel time.

Inovasi is a social enterprise where the profits are used for activities aligned with our missions and company growth. No dividends are distributed to its shareholders since its founding and none are planned at least until the end of 2021.

(c) www.pt-inovasi.com | All Photos by: PT Inovasi Team Members

Making the connections


Managed projects involving more than 54 expert-months of living in 400 rural communities. 60+ of which in the first half of 2018.

We bring in fit for purpose technologies and business models to empower the communities.  Our work revolves around 4 activities: Community Engagement, Sustainable Design, Operational Management and Performance Monitoring.



Community Survey and Engagement

culture and behavior plays a big role

We make sure that not only technical aspects of the project is documented, but also the human aspects.  Our team members engage the community to understand their needs, their aspirations, and their spirit.  Not only do we take a snapshot of the current conditions, but we understand their potential, what they need for sustainable growth and how their future behavior may be different.

We identify and catalog the communities ready for INNOVATION.


Sustainable Design

what innovations are fit for purpose

On behalf of the communities, we design the innovations that they need for growth around their needs, aspirations and their core culture.  What technologies and business models will work so that the community has access to what they need and there is resources available to implement the projects.

We design the project around the community and implement the INNOVATION.

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Operational Management

Professional management for sustainability

Even as we empower the communities to grow, our team members will be there alongside them as guides and as a resource to bridge the world and the remote communities.  

We manage the INNOVATIONS at the professional level with the community to ensure sustainability.


Performance Monitoring

for reliable services and community growth

Once the INNOVATIONS are in place, we monitor the results and provide feedback to both the community and the investors.  The goal is always growth for the communities through the technologies and business models we have designed and implemented.  

We monitor the INNOVATIONS' performance against its intended purpose, lifetime, and other goals.

Communities We Have Visited


Covering all of the provinces in Indonesia, our team members have information on communities and microgrids across all 34 provinces of Indonesia.  In the first half of 2018, we have visited 60 new communities.